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Preparing for Your Lifestyle Newborn Session...

First, congratulations on the birth of your little one.  These first weeks with your baby are fleeting and just so very tender and special!  The goal of this session is to capture your little love in all of his/her teeny-tiny preciousness because they change so very quickly!   Karyn recommends booking your newborn session just as soon as you know you are wanting photos.  At least 3 months out is preferred, but at times she can squeeze in another client.  If your baby has already arrived and you have not booked yet, just reach out and see if she can accommodate you. At your time of booking, your due date will be added to Karyn's calendar, but you will need to call her as soon as the baby arrives. You will then choose a date, within the next 10 days, that suites the both of you.

Here are some tips for preparing you, your family, and the baby for your session:

For Baby

-If breastfeeding, please try to eliminate caffeine from your diet up to 48 hours before the session.


-If bottle feeding, please bring extra formula or 2 bottles for extra feeding times.


-Try to feed the baby a nice, full feeding before you leave for the studio.


-Try to have some awake time before that feeding if you can, the longer the better!  Give baby a bath, or let them lay on a blanket in their diaper and kick around for a little while.  Sleepy babies are much easier to photograph and awake babies typically just want to eat the whole time!  They will be moving around a lot during the photos, so even if they are good sleepers typically during that time of day, the frequent movements tends to keep them in a lighter state of sleep.  Some wake time before the session can really make a big impact on your session.


-Please bring a pacifier even if you don't plan to use one in the big picture (preferable the Soothie kind that the hospital gives because they don't leave marks on the face).  The suckling reflex is strong after birth. A pacifier can help baby drift off to sleep if hunger isn't the issue, and Karyn will take it right out of the baby's mouth as soon as they are content.  Breastfed babies especially love to use mom as their pacifier, which makes taking photos more difficult.


-The studio decor lends itself to very neutral tones. Karyn will consult with you before the session to discuss clothing, but she does have a collection of Little Miss Dessa knotted gowns that you may choose to use for your baby. She prefers  neutral colors to allow the baby to be the centerpiece, however, muted colors are always lovely too.  Blush pinks, aqua, dusty blue, etc. are a lovely complement.  See color boards below for examples.  















-You won't need to bring much from home for the session as far as blankets, props, headbands etc.  If you have something special you would like to incorporate, please let Karyn know ahead of time for planning purposes. 


-Before the session, please dress baby in a zip-up or button-up sleeper/onesie to avoid having to pull clothing off over baby's head.

For You

- The studio will be toasty warm to help keep the baby comfortable and sleepy.  Parent/family photos will be done first, so feel free to layer or bring a change of clothes to stay comfortable.

-The same ideas apply for your clothing.  Coordinate with the baby in neutrals or similar/complimentary colors to let the focus remain on the baby. <3

-Lifestyle newborn sessions can take a few hours, it just depends on how often the baby needs to stop to eat.  Do eat a hearty meal before you come and bring a few snacks if you think you will need them.  

-Feel free to bring a book or something you need to catch up after your part of the session is complete. If you happen to fall asleep and take a cat nap on the sofa, that is ok too and you are definitely NOT the first to do so! 

For Siblings

-Again, simple clothing is best.  

-The studio is not large, and siblings often get antsy waiting for the session to finish.  It is best if siblings can be taken home, out to lunch, or to the park after the family portion is complete.  The studio is located right next to the Abilene Main Library as well and can offer some lovely one-on-one time with dad or grandma to read and relax!  Safety for your baby is Karyn's main concern, and a quiet, calm space is essential for her to do her job well.  Thank you for understanding!






























The studio is located in downtown Abilene at 1154 N. 2nd Street, Suite 205.  It is the building directly across from the library with the murals on the side, however the entrance is on the N. 2nd side.  Parking is available in the lot where the murals are, or along the street.  The studio is located on the second floor, so go up the stairs and down the hallway.  You will see my In Bloom sign on the wall.   Restrooms are available.

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