In this very over-saturated market of photographers these days, it is important that you take the quality and consistency of a photographers work before booking him/her.  It is very easy to pick up a digital camera and claim to be a professional…. so remember, you generally get what you pay for!!  Cheaper does not always = excellence!!  Professional equipment and on-going training should be a requirement, as well as excellent referrals!  Do your homework!!!  You’ll be glad you did!

If you are planning to book a session with me, please be sure to click again on the “Details” tab  and find the appropriate detail page for the type of session you plan to book.  These sections contain useful information that will help you in having for a successful and unique session!  I am excited to work with you!!  These frequently asked questions will hopefully help you as well!  Read on!


Do you only take appointments on set days?


Yes, at this time I am booking on Friday evenings and Saturdays only (am or pm time slots), and leave 1-2 weekday slots available for my newborn clients or child sessions.  I will occasionally swap a Saturday evening spot for Sunday night instead so that my husband and I can have a date night!!!  Those are important!!  Please note, I generally return calls before 6pm as to not disturb you later in the evening.  I will return text messages before 6pm only, or the next business day.


Do you edit your photos?

Yes! The goal is to get it right in camera at the time the image is taken, but I do evaluate each image in post-processing for any adjustments that might be necessary (i.e. white balance, exposure, contrast), as well as creative processing like vintage washes, black and white conversions, texture overlays, etc.  I custom edit your session images to my artistic vision, but certainly if you have a preference in processing style, do let me know!!


What is a Print Credit?

A print credit refers to the dollar amount you may “spend” or have in credit for prints after your session.  If your package included a $200 print credit, then you’ll pay the package price as it’s listed and be able to choose $200 worth of prints as a part of your package.  The print credit amount is included with in the package price and will not be billed as an additional fee.  Print Credit may be not applied toward purchase of other a la carte items such as albums & gallery wrap canvases.


Do you require a retainer fee?

Yes! I typically will invoice for $150.00 toward to session to hold your date/time.  The retainer will be credited to your total package cost.  Rescheduling is never a problem, though I appreciate as much notice as possible!  For local sessions, retainer fees will be forfeited if appointment is not rescheduled within one month of original appointment date.  For sessions where I travel to your area, refunds are not permitted on retainer fees, and will be held over for my next trip to your area, UNLESS I am the one to have the need to reschedule your session and cannot accommodate you during my time in your area.  Otherwise, retainer fees are non-refundable.


How many images will be in my gallery and digital download?

On average, I deliver anywhere from 40-45 images for portrait sessions.  Sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less.


What is a digital download?  Is that a usb or thumb drive?

No, it is not a usb drive of images.  A digital download is much easier and faster than a traditional CD.  Once your print credit order is placed, I will simply send you pin number via email that will enable you to download your session images right into your computer!   Instant access, no waiting on the mail, loss, or faulty media!  Please remember to back up your images, either to an external hard drive, thumb drive, or some other source!!


Can I reproduce the images in my digital download?

Of course! This is why you get the digital negatives!  Your contract will have the copyright release information on it so if you need proof of release for printing, please refer to it.  Remember though, you may not use my images publicly (i.e. for a newspaper article or magazine story) without my consent and proper crediting.


Why do you only release digital negatives up to 8×10?

Larger prints require a bit of fine tuning and for anything larger than an 8×10 I want to be sure the image is printed properly and with a high quality lab (like mine!).  Therefore, I prefer for clients to come to me to make large prints.


Do I get to see every shot you take?

As an artist… I will go through the images I’ve shot and choose the ones I feel best represent my best work and photographic style. When I release your images over to you, those images become advertisements for my business to your family and friends, so naturally.. I will not include any images that don’t meet my standards! Most of the images I don’t include have simple undesirable elements… like blinked eyes, or someone with their mouth open because they were talking!


Do you shoot weddings, engagements, or Boudoir sessions?

I am primarily a birth, newborn/child, & family photographer but I do shoot a select wedding from time to time.  Pricing for weddings starts at $2800 and go up from there.  Please send me an email telling me a bit about your plans to see if we are a good fit for one another and if your date is open!  I am available to shoot boudoir sessions in my natural light studio as well as in a hotel room setting.  Most clients select my “Paisley” package for this type of session.  I only do these for married women or my brides.


Do You Travel for Portrait Sessions and Weddings?

At this time, I do on a very limited basis.  Being a birth photographer, I typically need to stay close by but if I do not have a birth scheduled within 3 weeks of your date, I may consider it.  Please email or call for more information.


Do you work with an assistant?

Yes!  Occasionally I will bring an assistant with me to hold a light stand, reflector, or assist me in various ways, including boudoir sessions.


Do you charge a travel fee?

A small fee may apply for local location sessions and will be assesed on a case by case basis! Generally, if you are over 45 miles away I will calculate round-trip milage and just want to be able to cover my travel expenses!


What is your turn around time for my online gallery/digatal download?

Generally speaking, it takes about 2-4 weeks to have access to your proof gallery with the normal workload. Busier times (i.e. holiday season, wedding season, or just when I am crazy-busy!) may be a bit longer. Please take this into consideration as you schedule your appointment. Wedding galleries generally take 1-2 months depending on our workload! Portrait session rush fee is $100, wedding gallery rush fee is $500.


How long do I have to choose my images for enlargement?

Your proof gallery will remain on the web for 5 days for portrait sessions. If you are not able to choose your images for prints/products during that time, please contact me.  Otherwise, there will be a $30 republishing fee to reformat your image gallery. Wedding galleries are accessible for one month, the same republishing fee applies.


What if I’m not happy with my images?

If for any reason I do not capture the images you were hoping for, please speak up!!  My goal is that you be thrilled with my work. I am always happy to come back and do a reshoot.. but lets be sure we talk about the “whys” behind the need to!  A small reshoot fee may apply depending on the the circumstances.  While I, Karyn, am the main photographer, there are times where I have other wonderful photographers that contribute to In Bloom’s success. If another photographer is needed to cover a session, I will let you know and forward samples of his/her portfolio for your review!


Was your question answered here?  If not, please refer to the other tabs on the detail menu or send me an email directly!

Thank you… & I look forward to creating with you soon!

F a c e b o o k