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Ahhhh the beauty of this place!!  After about a month of living in Volcán, Panama, I was contacted by sweet Alejandra to do an engagement session!  I was elated because she actually found by doing a Facebook search.  She was shocked and actually felt the need to double check that she was reading correctly and I lived in Volcán!!  I assured her that indeed, I did, and she may be the only one to ever find me!  Haha!  She is currently living in Spain finishing her master’s degree, and Diego lives in Panama City!  They would be on holiday together  in Volcán for about 4 days and hoped to work with an American-style photog to capture the beauty of Volcán!!

Alejandra’s family owns the Hotel Dos Rios, a gorgeous little boutique hotel on the outskirts of town.  The extensive gardens provided a perfect starting point for our session, it was full of gorgeous flowers and lush landscape.  Fiona, the couple’s adorable little Cocker Spaniel made a guest appearance too!  I had to resist the urge to stuff her in my camera bag, what a sweetie-pie!!  After enjoying the hotel and hearing Ale and Diego’s story, we hopped in the truck and headed to Alejandra’s family coffee farm.  Diego’s business in Panama City sells off-road vehicles, like this fancy (and fast) Polaris that you’ll see in the photos.  The spot where we were to shoot was way up the mountain, and Diego had to drive us up one by one!  It was a blast, and the views were spectacular.  Diego took me up first, and I was up there waiting for them thinking… “HOW in the world did I get HERE??!!”  NEVER in a million years did I think I’d end up in Panama, let alone photographing a beautiful couple on the side of a mountain where the biggest problem was the clouds that were blocking our view of the mountains behind us?!!!!!   {{{Pinching myself}}}

I am so excited to shoot their wedding this coming March!  They are such a warm, engaging couple and I am very blessed to be their photographer and friend!  

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Abigail’s Lifestyle Newborn Session…

Sweet Abigail was wide awake for a good bit of her session!  It was perfect because that allowed for some sweet interactions with her family, and once I got my hands on her at the end, I managed to get her to konk out for a few snuggly, sleep shots!  Just loved her family’s beautiful home, and enjoyed watching their tender interactions with one another!  She’s surrounded with love!!  Here are few session favorites!


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Awaiting Sutton…

Had the blessing of meeting these two a week or two ago for their maternity session.  What a sweet pair they are, so excited to meet their baby girl!!  I love shooting maternity sessions because it reminds me of how this wild adventure began, my own maternity portraits.  I fell in love with the images and thought every woman needed to have them!  The rest was history!  I’m so happy little Sutton will have these images to look back and see how glorious her mama looked when she was in her tummy, and she’ll see the love in their eyes both for one another and for her!

Enjoy this little peek at their session.  I’ll add a few more when I get to the final edits for their session!

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Big News for In Bloom in Texas!

Welp, this post feels like it’s been a long time coming.  I have some “official” news to share.  I say official because some of my peeps have known for a while, we’ve needed the prayer support and wisdom along the way.. but it’s time to come out with it already.  In Bloom is MOVING…… to Panama……. THE COUNTRY!!:) Yep, we’re heading to the land of coffee plantations, volcanoes, and tropical flowers.   Why, you ask?  Well, because the Lord has told us to sell everything and go.  Yup, crazy, I know… but it’s true.  There’s an awesome story there.. the gist of it is that literally God has told my husband that we were to sell everything and sell out for Him and go.  He identified Panama through a radio program we listen to often, he heard the story of another man whom God basically told the same thing to… it was like the man was speaking everything Matt was hearing but couldn’t say.  It was really incredible.  When Matt finally told me (about 7 months ago), yea…. as you can imagine, I pretty much felt like I’d been hit with a title wave.  A million thoughts and emotions flooded in… but within a minute or two, I could hear God’s small voice saying “This is happening Karyn, be quiet…. and trust me.”   So, I obeyed and took my hysteria to Him…. and a girlfriend or two eventually too!  (You know who you are!!!!)

After several months of pressing in and listening HARD… we decided to begin walking in this direction (moving) and just asked Father to shut the door firmly if this was not His perfect will for our family.  The rest is history.  Door after door… OPEN.  Confirmation and confirmation.  Even tried to talk ourselves out of it a few times and God wasn’t having it.  He came back each time in some form or fashion to say “Are you going to do what YOU want to do, or are you going to do what I’VE asked you to do???”  The message has been loud and clear all along.  To the extent that we are willing to surrender all our comforts and “securities” here …. to that same extent he wants to ignite our family on fire for Him.  It’s pretty awesome!

Matt and I just returned from a week long trip to visit Panama, and man…. the Lord blew our socks off in SO many ways.  Again, door after open door.  For now, we’re focusing on just getting the basics covered (home, job, church, friends, etc.) but we know God has a special mission for our family there… we’re just not exactly sure what it is yet…. though, I have some ideas! 😉  Honestly, I think the missions are many.  We’re walking in faith and trusting Him with every step along the way.  We’re waiting on the final step for the sale of our home this week, but we’re believing its done.  My last work commitment is June 20th, so I’ll be taking a few sessions before then.  If it’s been a while and/or you’d like to squeeze in one more In Bloom session… give me a hollar!  My calendar is pretty full already, but I can squeeze a few more in!

My prayer over the last year or so has been to tone it WAAAAAY down for work on the photography front.  I’d love to do a birth a month and maybe a newborn or two.  When we get to Panama, I’ll get to relax and enjoy my babies… and work on adjusting to a new culture.  Let me tell you friends, it’s NOTHING like America.  Oh dear.  However, we’ve been greatly prepared for this journey as a family and I have so much peace it’s just amazing!  I look forward to schooling my kids, enjoying working with them taking care of our chickens, goats, and in the garden/greenhouse.  I may eventually market my skills on the photography end, but probably not for a while.

I’ve enjoyed this time here in Texas.  We came out here on newly stable ground, and our roots are now down into a Firm Foundation as a family.  I’ve had the honor of working with so many beautiful hearts and faces over the last 6 years…. babies being birthed, sweet newborns in the studio, watching families as they’ve grown and matured, graduating seniors, weddings… GAHHH!  SO BLESSED!

Looking forward to this next chapter.. blessings to you as you read this, and we’d ask you to keep us in your prayers as we prepare for and make this transition!    -Karyn

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Shelly RaglandApril 19, 2015 - 2:27 pm

Wow, so glad God is moving so greatly in your life! Thank you for the blessing you gave me with Anyiah’s newborn pictures. Was hoping to get more family photos later on, but God will have someone put in our lives to take them for us. I speak blessings over you and your family in this adventure that is set before you! Go with God and keep us all in your prayers.

Baby Kai

This little man, ugh… what a honey!!  I met with his precious family yesterday in their home for a lifestyle newborn portrait session… he decided he wanted to be awake a good bit of the session but it totally worked!  Since his mommy, Micah, is one of my favorite “photoga-friends,”  I enjoyed every extra minute!!  I have yet to sort through the session.  I know there are some jewels awaiting me… including some sweet images of his big sister, Reille, giving him his first bath (ever!)!  Come back in a day or so for the extended post!

Micah wanted a few studio-style images too… so this little peek is from that part of our time together!   

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